Product Development and Management

We always keep an eye on the international market trends and keep ourselves up-to date on the most recent fashion in the markets. This helps us in providing our customer products that will meet his needs and also offers valuable input for our own product design and development team.

We treat each of our customers as unique having different tastes in products. We assist our customer in creating a product starting from product proposal till final execution.
Our team is fully prepared to get what our customers require, either through product customization or new development.

Classique Textile Product Development and Management
Classique Textile Quality Control & Inspection Services

Quality Control & Inspection Services

Quality is our ultimate focus. We ensure that all the quality requirements of our clients are met through our suppliers.
Our QA team makes regular visits to the suppliers production units to check the running productions. They study their production procedures and incorporate changes in the process wherever necessary.

In-line inspections conducted at the production site so that faults in production can be caught at early stage to avoid last minute surprises.
Regular Inspection reports are sent to the clients along with the pictures taken at site during audit.


We have strong associations with shipping companies which facilitates on time delivery of shipments.
All orders are closely monitored by our team to make sure they are shipped on time as per provided schedule.

We keep our clients update about the movement of the goods so they can make arrangements for receiving the goods on time.

Our team completes the whole documentation formalities in advance in order to speed up the shipping process and ensure timely delivery of goods to the customers.